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Well, Mr. Rayat is very good friend of mine and he asked me to try 2 of his Dilsbury juices, one for my diabetes and second was for pains I was having because of nature of my work. I did see him taking these juices himself everyday, so got confident and start taking myself, keeping trust on his advice. Though, Karela ( Bitter Gourd) juice is pathetic in taste, however after few doses I developed my taste and now I am comfortable. I use karela juice to lower down my blood sugar level in case I consume extra sugar or carbohydrate. I was initially thinking it is psychological, however when I tested my sugar level after 20 minutes of taking 60ml of karela juice, I got surprised it was really helping to control blood sugar. I presume you need to give few days before your body start responding to Karela. Same story is with Aloe Vera, however I am having mango flavour for my taste buds. You can contact me anytime to know more about it. Thanks Mr. Rayat.

Amit Gupta

This is Nirmal Rayat, founder of Dilsbury brand. I have tried all the products personally before we decided to take initiated towards UK Distribution. I am 100% confident on purity and their natural tendency to improve health of an individual without significant side affects. Please do send us your feedback to help us improve our product line. Thank for your time.

Nirmal Rayat